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[ - Live from Amsterdam, Netherlands - ]

r a d i o q u a l i a in collaboration with The Society for Old and New Media present

the a na tom y of wi.re mus ic

______ a performance by:

  + alastair galbraith
  musician and artist, from dunedin new zealand

  + matt de genarro
  musician and student of art and acoustics, from the usa

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______ about the performance

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1900 [ GMT ]

2000 [ Central European Time ]

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2330 [ Indian Standard Time ]

0600 [ New Zealand Time - 09.03.01 ]



______ about wire music

the theatre anatomicum at de waag in amsterdam will be explored aurally through a special performance, produced especially for the net. alastair galbraith and matt de gennaro will find the resonant harmonics of the waag building itself using long tension wires. this manifestation of 'wire music' is the latest in a series of sound performances which make audible the resonances of architectural locations, by stringing piano wires up and playing them with rosined hands.

de gennaro first played wire music during the 1990's as a private indulgence in his attic art studio. a personal friendship with galbraith blossomed into collaboration when they played a wire music concert in 1998 at the 'chip shop', a music venue that had previously been a fish 'n' chips joint. their rehearsal and concert became their first CD, 'wire music', released by corpus hermeticum.


in july 1999, the duo took their music around new zealand, playing at the major public art galleries, dunedin public art gallery, city gallery in wellington, the robert mcdougall in christchurch, and artspace in auckland, among others. de gennaro gave a brief lecture that positioned their work within the multimedia endeavors of artists like harry bertoia. then they played the wires, occasionally augmented by galbraith's violin and tape loops."

tomorrow's performamnce will be the first time wire music has been presented live online.

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______ about de waag

de waag was built in 1488 as a citygate and is the oldest secular building of amsterdam. in the centuries that followed, the building served successively as a weighouse, guildhall, fire station, municipal archives and museum for jewish history. the various guilds that were housed in the building left behind clear traces of their occupation. in 1691 the guild of chirurgeons added an octagonal domed tower. because of the similarities with a roman amphitheatre, this new area, the anatomy room was called the Theatrum Anatomicum. it was here, in this theatre that the first northern european public dissections took place. rembrandt was a regular visitor and immortalised the practice of anatomy in his painting 'the anatomy lesson of dr. tulp'.

today de waag is home to the media lab and presentation space of the society for old and new media.

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